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ProjektExpert - studio for architecture, engineering and design


Our goal is to design an architecture that meets the client's ideas, meets the highest professional standards and respects the economical use of building structures. Cooperation with clients is our dialogue, the key factor is the client's maximum satisfaction and the delivery of solid work.



We provide proposals and projects of administrative buildings, residential buildings and family houses, as well as medical facilities, warehouse commercial and manufacturing areas. For our clients we like to propose the design of interior furnishings or gardens, urban studies and finding the use of the land or the evaluation of the current condition of the property prior to the reconstruction.


Scope of services:

• land-economic consultancy, effectivness of land and buildings studies
• comprehensive design documentation
     ◦urban and architectural studies
     ◦Planning Analytical Materials, obtaining changes Land Use Plan of teh City of Prague
     ◦Zoning Approval and Building Permit
    ◦behalf of the investor in negotiations with local authorities during the approval process
• documentation for construction
• tender documentation and cooperation in the evaluation of tenders construction
• designer's supervision during construction
• technical supervision during construction
• Cooperation at approval construction management and supervision of removing defects and unfinished work
     ◦designs and projects of building interior, designing of furniture and accessories

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